Collection: Turquoise Ring

Dive into the captivating allure of the turquoise ring, each uniquely crafted from 925 sterling silver. These pieces of jewelry, steeped in rich history and cultural signifance across numerous civilizations and eras, are a testament to the unique beauty of turquoise. At OrlaSilver, every turquoise ring is carefully crafted with top-notch materials, ensuring a lasting and stylish addition to your personal jewelry collection.

Understanding the Turquoise Ring

What's a turquoise ring, you may ask? Well, it's a stunning piece of jewelry that proudly displays a turquoise gemstone, usually set in a band of 925 sterling silver. This stunning stone, with its endless shades of blues and greens, is a sight to behold. Each ring is unique, boasting its own distinct veining patterns. That's what makes every turquoise ring a unique piece of wearable art!

The Story of Turquoise Rings

Turquoise rings have been adored and treasured since ancient times. From the ancient Egyptians, who decorated their Pharaohs with turquoise, to the Persians, who saw it as a symbol of good luck, to the Native Americans, who revered it as a sacred stone. Nowadays, a turquoise ring, especially one set in 925 sterling silver, continues to be an adored piece of jewelry, loved for its timeless elegance and historical significance.

Creating a Turquoise Ring

Creating a turquoise ring isn't as easy as it sounds! It involves a complex process and a lot of attention to detail. It all starts with designing the ring's model. Then, the chosen turquoise stone and 925 sterling silver are prepared. Our skilled artisans then carefully put everything together and polish each piece to perfection, creating the perfect turquoise ring.

The Variety of Turquoise Rings

At OrlaSilver, our collection of turquoise rings offers a diverse selection of designs, each beautifully created with 925 sterling silver. For those who prefer something classic, our "Oval Cabochon Cut Sterling Silver Men's Turquoise Ring" and "Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring 925" are great choices. And for those seeking a more distinct style, our "Men's Silver Turquoise Stone Ring with Sword Pattern Siding" or "Double-Headed Eagle Fidget Spinner Ring with Turquoise Stone" could be right up your alley. And for those who like a bit of sparkle, our "Square Turquoise with Zircon Sterling Silver Ring" and "Black Zircon Stone And Turquoise Silver Ring" are sure to impress.

Maintaining Your Turquoise Ring

Taking care of your turquoise ring involves regular and gentle cleaning. Just grab a soft brush and warm soapy water, and you can safely clean your sterling silver turquoise ring. Just remember to avoid anything harsh that could scratch the stone. Regular maintenance will make sure your ring stays beautiful for years to come.

The Price of Turquoise Rings

The price of a turquoise ring can vary, depending on things like the ring style, the quality of the turquoise stone, and how complex the sterling silver design is. But no matter what, OrlaSilver guarantees that you're investing in a high-quality piece of jewelry.

Explore Orla Silver Turquoise Ring Designs: Find Your Perfect Match

At Orla Silver, we celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of each turquoise ring. We invite you to explore our collection of 925 sterling silver turquoise rings and discover the piece that best reflects your personal style.

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Which Finger to Wear Turquoise Rings on?

Turquoise rings can be worn on pretty much any finger. However, many people opt to wear them on the index or middle finger to make a bold statement.

How Can I Maintain the Shine of My Turquoise Ring?

To keep your turquoise ring shiny, it should be cleaned gently with warm water and a soft cloth regularly. Be careful to avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the stone.

Can Turquoise Rings Be Worn Every Day?

Absolutely! Sterling silver turquoise rings are made for daily wear. But remember, it's best to take them off during strenuous activities or when working with harsh chemicals.

Are Turquoise Rings Popular?

Yes, they are! Turquoise rings, particularly those made from 925 sterling silver, have always been a favorite in jewelry collections. They're not only stylish, but many people believe they also carry a spiritual significance.